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My name is Glenn Earls and I am an independent distributor for a company called CTFO. I market the CTFO CBD products all over the US, Canada, UK, and the EU.

You are receiving this message because we are simply reaching out to see if we can help. If you have specific questions please contact me at this email and I will do my best to answer your questions.
We don’t have a physical store or location, our CBD products are ordered online and shipped to your door. 
Wholesale Pricing and Direct shipping
Saves YOU Money!

Our CTFO Hemp CBD Oil products are of higher quality and more effective than products you will find at your local dispensary, “smoke shop” or local health store.
All our products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities, which means they’re regulated by the FDA to ensure that what’s on our labels is what’s in our products.
CTFO has 2 Hemp CBD Isolate Oils:
The extraction process removes all of the oils, plant material, chlorophyll, and more. This leaves just the CBD. This is not the most effective CBD for improving your health, but it guarantees that there is absolutely no THC in the product.
— 500mg ($59.97)
CTFO has 4 Hemp CBD Full Spectrum Oils:

Full-spectrum or whole plant extract is an oil extracted from the hemp plant which contains all the cannabinoids found in the plant. In addition to the very important CBD compounds, full-spectrum hemp oil also contains essential vitamins, minerals, Omega fatty acids, flavonoids, chlorophyll, and terpenes.

— 300mg ($49.97)
— 500mg ($59.97)
— 750mg ($69.97)

— 1500mg ($99.97)

CTFO has 10xPURE CBD Oils:
“10xPURE” is a Supercharged CBD Oil and is hydrophilic which means it mixes with water. Our 10xPure CBD oils are more bioavailable and have better absorption, which makes them more effective.
— 10xPURE™ Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops – 500mg ($99.97)
— 10xPURE™ Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops – 1500mg ($159.97)
— 10xPURE™ GOLD Super 1000 CBD Oil Drops – ($119.97)
If you are dealing with physical problems or pain then use the 10xPURE™ products.
— 10xPURE™ GOLD Super 1000 ($119.97)
— 10xPURE™ GOLD Roll-On, Muscle & Joint Relief ($49.97)
— 10xPURE™ GOLD CBDa Muscle & Joint Relief Cream – 30 Convenience Packets ($29.97)

How Much Should I take?

1 serving is 1/2 dropper or 20 drops. There are 50 savings per bottle.
300mg divided by 50 servings = 6mg per serving
500mg divided by 50 servings = 10mg per serving
750mg divided by 50 servings = 15mg per serving
1000mg divided by 50 servings = 20mg per serving
1500mg divided by 50 servings = 30mg per serving
The recommended dosage is 2x daily.
For general health and wellbeing, I always recommend that someone start with 10mg per day, which is 1/2 dropper of the 500mg, once per day. 10mg per day is a good beginning point to see how your body reacts. You can then move up from there if you feel you need it.
The amount you take can be adjusted for your individual needs. Everyone is different and may find that they “need” more or less.
No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee
Our products are of the highest quality and purity available anywhere, and we offer a 60-day, empty container, money-back satisfaction guarantee to prove it!.
There is a huge amount of low-quality CBD Oil flooding the marketplace. 
CBD is unregulated and a number of investigative reports have shown that 60% of the products being sold do not even contain the amount of CBD shown on the label. 
When people use inferior products they don’t get the results they were hoping for. 
This causes people to discontinue using the CBD product and abandon the thought that CBD could help them. 
I am here to tell you that CBD CAN HELP! Just make sure you are buying the best CBD.
Personally, I wouldn’t purchase any CBD Oil that does not have publicly posted lab results that show that the product does not contain pesticides, impurities, or heavy metals. 
Here is a link to the CTFO Lab Results:
Shopping Website

Here is a link to my CTFO product shopping site: https://glennearls.myctfo.com/

Be sure to check out our huge selection of over 80 products!

We look forward to answering any questions you may have about our CTFO CBD Products.


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Glenn & Cindy Earls


CTFO believes in quality, transparency, and accountability. They provide third party full lab testing and documentation to demonstrate the purity and quality of the CBD Oils. The CTFO CBD Oil products are manufactured in GMP Certified Facilities. The GMP certification is regulated by the FDA and ensures that what’s on our labels is what’s in our products.
For Current Customers:
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Glenn Earls – CTFO Independent Associate

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